What is Team Voltage?

Since its inception in 1999, Team Voltage has been working to raise awareness of Engineering and FIRST within its community. By 2007, the team’s success in this endeavor had allowed us to spin off FRC teams in three additional high schools in addition to multiple Lego League teams.

Melbourne High School and Team Voltage have been honored to host the local FRC Kickoff event in 2010 and 2011 supporting all Brevard County teams as well as Florida teams outside our county.

Team Voltage

Team Voltage in 2009 posing with Dr. DiPatri
at the Florida Regionals
Gabeler, Jesus, Binggeli

Dr. Binggeli (Right) posing with
Mr. Gabeler (Left) and Jesus (Middle)
Team Voltage 2000

Team 386 circa 2000
In 2002, Team Voltage was the first FRC team in Brevard County to be asked to present in front of the school board. Through the team’s active involvement, the Brevard County School Board was able to realize the positive impact of FIRST. Since then, the Brevard County School’s Superintendent, Dr. DiPatri set the goal of having a FRC Team in every High School in Brevard County, as well as an FLL Team in every elementary school. To facilitate this goal, the new superintendent, Dr. Binggeli, has allocated funds for every active team.
Born Team Name


1999 Team Voltage (Melbourne HS, Eau Gallie HS, Palm Bay HS, Satellite HS, West Shore HS, Home School) 386
2002 Thunderbolts Lego League
2003 McAuliffe Challengers
Robo Vipers
Lego League
2004 Robo KATZ
Lego League
2005 Download Eagles Lego League
2006 Autonomato
Autonomatons (Space Coast HS)

Spartans (Eau Gallie HS)
Piratech (Palm Bay HS)
Manatee Law (Lego)



Satellite HS
Bayside HS

Voltage Map

In 2009 Team Voltage created a project to spread knowledge of FIRST around the country, and ultimately the world. We call this project "Voltage Around The World." click here to see all the places we've brought our varmint spirit to.