Rico Pischiera
I am a Program Manager and Electrical Engineer from Harris Corporation, Intersil, Northrop Grumman, and DRS to name a few. I am one of the original founders of Team 386 starting in 1999. Our mentors are great and our returning students make a solid foundation to educate and motivate our students. Charge Up!

John Bailey
Originally from Kentucky, I enjoy hunting, fishing, flying, and diving in addition to working with students in the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics program.  I've been a part of Voltage since 2005 and it is an outstanding program.  Two of my children have been on the team.  They both had a great experience, and have gone on to succeed at college.  I usually work with Playfield construction, but also sometimes help with human player training or on a robot sub-team.  I also like to cook, and occasionally put together a pot of varmint chili or BBQ during the season as well.  CHARGE UP!

Okie Baughman
 I grew up in rural Oklahoma, hence the name, and got into electronics for the first time in the Navy. My degree is from Oklahoma State University and I am retired from Harris Corporation after 22 years as a Reliability Engineer. This year is my 16th FIRST robot. Juan and I got started on Scorp Squad robot back in '98 when robots were simple and had one on one competition. I feel this program is very important and gives high school students an opportunity to work with engineers. They get experience in technology and can visualize what a job in this field is really like.

Debbie Bernier
I am a retired Software Engineer that worked for Rockwell Collins for 28 years developing Avionics software. My children joined Team Voltage in 2002. After graduation my husband and I remained working with the team. More than one student over the years has told us that being a member of this FRC team has convinced them that they were actually smart enough to go to college and/or major in a STEM field. Knowing that you’ve actually changed the life a student in a positive way keeps us coming back year after year. In FIRST, every student who participates can turn their experience into a career.
Joe Bernier
I am retired from being an Engineering Manager for Northrup Grumman and prior to that for United Space Alliance at Kennedy Space Center working on the shuttle's solid rocket boosters. I've been with Team Voltage since 2002 teaching the students about electronics, sensors and controls for the robots. By far the best part of FIRST is seeing the students grow and learn in their understanding and their capabilities. The future is indeed bright if this group of students is representative of what our education system can produce!
Juan Davila
I am a Mechanical Engineer at Harris Corporation. I hold a BS and MS from Florida Tech. I have been part of Team Voltage 386 since the beginning with Okie. The aspect that I like the most from FIRST is that it presents students with a real world challenge, and is never the same game twice.
don Don Davis
As a retired engineer I have the time to obtain the materials to build our robot. My build efforts in the early build are with the playing field. I usually join in the robot build efforts as the deadline approaches.
Jim Fisher
I'm a native Floridian, and an Aero-engineering grad from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). After retiring from the Air Force many moons ago, I got into teaching. I initially got into FIRST as I helped crank up Team 233 in 1999. When I moved to Palm Bay High the next year, I was lucky to be in on the formation of Team Voltage. Robots are fun!
Tom Gabeler
I have taught Engineering Technology at Melbourne High since 2001 and still look forward to class everyday. I have been a FIRST Mentor since 2002. I love Robotics.
DeAnn Davila
I have been working with FIRST for many years. I have been a FIRST Technical advisor, a Lead Robotic Inspector and Referee for both Regionals and Championships.
I have a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester, and work as a Manufacturing Engineering for Harris Corporation.
I am also a member of SWE and ASME. I enjoy working with the students and seeing what they can come up with to meet a new and challenging game every year.

Voltage M.I.T.s (Mentor in Training)

A MIT is a first or second year college student who wishes to be an active participant in Team Voltage. Our team guidelines do not allow these young adults to be a full mentor due to the challenges of learning time management in the early years of college. The M.I.T. program is a way for these students to be a part of the team and still be held accountable for their college grades. A MIT shadows a mentor during the year and can support the team and the students in a variety of ways. In return their mentor will give the guidance and training necessary to become a full mentor after their second year college is complete.